Atomic Force Microscopy

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a type of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) for imaging the surface of a range of materials from metals to semiconductors to biological tissue, in some cases, to the atomic level. These instruments can also be used to characterize surface topography, surface chemistry and the nanomechanical properties of surfaces.

Below is a list of partners we work with in this field:

NanoMagnetics Instruments

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    • Cypher VRS sets a new speed benchmark with superb imaging resolution
    • Cypher VRS lets you concentrate on your research instead of your AFM
    • Unprecedented speed, resolution, versatility, and ease of use
    • The First and Only Full-Featured Video-Rate AFM
    • Cypher VRS is not a “one-trick pony,” it’s a workhorse for the whole lab


  • Reaching Beyond Nano- Tribomechanical Testing

    • Direct and quantitative measurements with AFM level noise floors
    • MEMS based transducer for enhanced force and displacement sensitivity
    • Lateral force imaging for friction mapping
    • High resolution in-situ SPM imaging
    • Ultra-low force and displacement testing for extremely thin materials and sensitive materials


  • MEMS Technology For Quantitative Nanomechanical Measurement at Scales Previously Unimaginable

    • Quantitative measurement of mechanical properties on films as thin as a few nanometers
    • In-situ SPM imaging with nanonewton range contact forces minimizes disturbance to the surface during imaging, enabling surface imaging of compliant samples while resolving angstrom scale features
    • Rapid mechanical and electronic response provides exceptional feedback control and allows high strain rate nano indentation testing, spanning several orders of magnitude
    • Available in a 2D design for high-sensitivity tribological testing and frictional force microscopy

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