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Ambivalue B.V. is a global supplier of desktop EyeTech™ particle size & shape analyzers for laser and imaging solutions starting at (sub) micron scale applications. Our laser & video based EyeTech™ systems are used in various markets and applications. We continuously invest, develop and integrate their products to help our customers improve our return on investment, time to data and increase system functionality.


EyeTech™ systems are produced in the high-tech region of Eindhoven in the Netherlands where global player Philips founds his origin. This strategic position and collaboration with partners NTS-Group, and Sioux embedded systems give Ambivalue access to the newest technologies and best resources.


AmbiValue Products from Spectra Research Corporation


Ambivalue B.V. helps customers with excellent and fast results from the micro world by supplying worry-free EyeTechtm particle size and shape analysis. At your service!

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  • Pellet size and shape analyser with multiple shape parameter for dry granules, pellets and powder samples

    • EyeTech™-Dry systems allows extensive inspection
    • Determine in real time the morphometry of granules
    • The system uses a hopper to collect the samples
    • Temperature Range 15-40 °C
    • USB 3 CMOS resolution: 1936 x 1216, 161 f/s, Pixel size 5.86 µm: Color calibration module


  • Complete integration of the analyzer systems with process control.

    The sophisticated software on the EyeTech™-Dry systems allows extensive inspection of Critical to Quality inspection of all possible matters related with the quality of the granulation production process.

  • Particle size & shape analysis using laser obscuration and video

    • Fast and accurate Particle Size Analysis with the unique Laser Obscuration Time technique.
    • Accurate description of non-spherical materials with sophisticated Dynamic Image Analysis using the video channel.
    • Results are independent of physical or optical properties of the particles or medium


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