Herzan Spicer SC22 AC Electron Microscope Instrumentation (EMI) Cancellation Systems

  • Protects your investment in electron beam technology by stabilising the magnetic field environment
  • Cancels and monitors the AC field
  • Low cost, high performance system
  • Intelligent user interface
  • Automated set up
  • Cancels AC fields from 10 Hz to 5 kHz
  • 50 x field improvement at 60Hz
  • Full 3 axis (X, Y, Z) system
  • Up to 60 mG (6.0 µT) pk-pk range
  • Adapts to field changes within 100 µs
  • Supports dual sensors for TEMs and high gradient fields
  • USB monitoring port


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Today’s high performance electron beam tools are very sensitive to changing ambient magnetic fields. The fields move the beam causing loss of resolution and measurement accuracy. The SC22 system reduces the ambient AC field and restores the resolution and accuracy.
The SC22 system comprises a Magnetic Field Control Unit, an AC Magnetic Field Sensor and three orthogonal multicore cables, which are installed in the room where the field is to be cancelled. The SC22 can drive single loop and double loop room size cables. It also works with Helmholtz cables that are attached to a frame around the column. Each power amplifier in the control unit drives a current through its cable to create a field of the opposite sign to the change in ambient field. The magnetic field sensor measures the resulting field and real time negative feedback reduces the ambient field by the loop gain of the system. The system is dynamic, automatically responding to field changes within 100 µs. AC Line fields (50/60 Hz) are reduced by 50 x.


The Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation System provides cost-effective, maintenance-free environmental magnetic field shielding solutions for high resolution EM (Electron Microscope) instrumentation. They are the highest-performance commercial magnetic field compensation equipment available for protecting sensitive EM instruments from AC/DC environmental magnetic fields.
The SC22 does not cancel DC field changes from sources such as elevators, trains and traffic. The larger SC24 system is available to cancel  both AC and DC fields.


  • Two separate models available (SC-22 and SC-24) for different isolation requirements
  • Use AC sensors for cancelling 50/ 60 Hz AC line fields or DC sensors for cancelling tram and train DC fields and 50/60Hz
  • Simultaneous AC & DC field display with choice of Tesla or Gauss units
  • Mixes dual sensors to create virtual sensor “inside” the EM column
  • Adapts to field changes within 100 μs
  • Touch screen intelligent user interface with automatic setup and DC reset
  • Ethernet and USB ports for remote operation and monitoring
  • Built-in test field generator
  • Offers protection against fluctuations in magnetic fields caused by:
    • Subways
    • Electrical Distribution Equipment
    • Elevators
    • Moving Vehicles
    • Can be applied to existing or new installations

Spicer Systems DC and AC Sensor




The Spicer System broadens the available installation locations for electron microscopes by allowing them to be placed in locations where varying high magnetic fields are present. As a result, they can be installed at sites that have been previously rejected due to magnetic field interference.

Common applications include:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • Transmission Electron Microscopes
  • MRI Machines
  • And more!



TEM Room with Double Loop Cables





 SEM Image - Without EMI Cancellation  SEM Image - With EMI Cancellation




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