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Cypher VRS Video-Rate AFM

  • Cypher VRS sets a new speed benchmark with superb imaging resolution
  • Cypher VRS lets you concentrate on your research instead of your AFM
  • Unprecedented speed, resolution, versatility, and ease of use
  • The First and Only Full-Featured Video-Rate AFM
  • Cypher VRS is not a “one-trick pony,” it’s a workhorse for the whole lab


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 Cypher VRS™ is the First and Only Full-Featured Video-Rate AFM

Finally, researchers can measure nanoscale dynamic processes at video-rate speeds with all the resolution, versatility and ease of use that are hallmarks of an Asylum Research Cypher™ AFM.

  • High resolution video-rate imaging at up to 625 lines per second
  • Exceptional ease of use— even at 10 frames per second
  • Full range of modes and accessories—unlimited capabilities at normal scan speeds

“Many scientists, like myself, have been inspired by early video-rate AFM results, but have been reluctant to invest in a single purpose AFM with a constrained sample configuration and limited range of scan sizes.  What impresses me about the Cypher VRS is that it can achieve high speed without these constraints while maintaining the microscope’s versatility and ease of use, whether for imaging or force spectroscopy.”  — Jim De Yoreo, Chief Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Speed that Goes Beyond Fast Scanning AFMs

Cypher VRS sets a new speed benchmark with superb imaging resolution

  • Scan at up to 625 lines per second, about 300× faster than normal AFMs and at least 10× faster than current “fast scanning” AFMs.
  • Capture images at high pixel density (512×512) in just over a second, or reduce scan lines to achieve video rates >10 fps.

Cypher VRS achieves higher resolution than ever before at video-rate speeds

  • Same fast, consistent high resolution imaging as the rest of the Cypher family.
  • Maintains high resolution even on soft and loosely bound biological samples.

Cypher VRS is video-rate AFM made simple

  • Scanner is extremely robust and fully sealed against liquid spills for complete reliability.
  • Probes are easily loaded and clamped in place, just like a regular Cypher probe holder.
  • Probe holder is available with or without perfusion ports for liquid exchange.
  • Easy sample mounting with no extreme limits on the maximum sample size.
  • Motorized laser and detector alignment makes quick work of instrument setup.
  • All imaging controls are accessed though a simple software user interface.
  • Powerful built-in movie maker generates spectacular publication-quality results. 
Cypher VRS Video-Rate AFM

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