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Attension Range of Contact Angle

The Attension range of contact angle meters and precision tensiometers provide outstanding ease of use for liquid and solid surface characterization in research and industrial processes.

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Precision Contact Angle Meters and Tensiometers

The Attension range of contact angle meters and precision tensiometers provide outstanding ease of use for liquid and solid surface characterization in research and industrial processes. Measurements include surface roughness, wettability, surface free energy, contact angle and interfacial rheology. Analytes that can be characterized include superhydrophobic surfaces, polymers, coatings, surfactants, devices, nanocomposite materials, etc…

The product range consists of optical and force tensiometers for research and development. Attension products also provide solutions for high-throughput development, quality control and process control and are widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food, energy, paper and packing industries.

The Attension product line grew out of the KSV range of instruments and became part of Biolin Scientific in 2009.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Aalto University is a foundation-based university with a basic capital of € 700 million. As a merger of three Finnish top universities—Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics and University of Art and Design Helsinki—Aalto University combines science and arts into a collaborative environment for both scientific communities and companies.

Our optical tensiometers and force tensiometers have been used in research at the former Helsinki University of Technology for decades—just as our customer says: “We have been working with you from the very beginning and look forward to continuing our collaboration within the latest scientific research now and in the future.”

is one of the most prestigious universities in the world focusing on scientific and technological research. Its endowment and annual research expenditures are among the largest of any American university, resulting in several Nobel Laureates, National Medal of Science recipients and MacArthur Fellows.

Our force tensiometers are used at MIT to study contact angles and interfacial energy. A researcher at MIT commented, “The reproducibility of the measurements acquired is excellent even with the lowest surface energy values and the tensiometers are quite flexible with regards to sample size. The software is also very useful and the customer support for the products is excellent.”

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is a United States governmental agency established in 1958 to look after the nation’s public space program. According to NASA, its mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

A customer from NASA said he “has enjoyed working with the Attension team as well as the Attension products during novel research projects.”

Nanjing University was founded in 1902 and it is one of the key universities in China. The university was ranked among the top 100 universities in the world in 2009.

Nanjing University measures contact angle, advancing and receding angles and surface tension of liquids with an Attension optical tensiometer to characterize super-hydrophobic materials. The Attension optical tensiometer is considered as “user friendly and easy to operate equipment with the right technology for the most demanding research.”

RIKEN is a Japanese research institute established in 1917. Its research areas include physics, chemistry, biology, medical science, engineering and computational science. Funded by the government, RIKEN’s yearly budget is approximately ¥ 88 billion.

“We wanted the most accurate force tensiometer on the market for our research on surface tension. Our in-depth testing of the Attension force tensiometer convinced us: it is the one.”

Biotechnology is using an optical tensiometer to study wetting properties of materials and dilatational rheology for surface visco-elastic properties. “The tensiometer benefits its users by ensuring easy in-house surface chemistry studies and providing information on surface properties of various materials ranging from solids to liquids.”

According to a customer at VTT, “working with Attension has been very straightforward and easy. We have been served with excellent knowledge and understanding on the equipment and experiments. People have always been kind and service fast. The collaboration with Attension has been beneficial for our research.”



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