alpha300 RA – a unique combination of chemical and nanoscale imaging in one system

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The well-established Raman-AFM combination alpha300 RA was the first integrated Raman AFM system on the market and continues to set the standard for combined instrument configurations. The alpha300 RA incorporates the features of the Raman microscopy system alpha300 R for powerful chemical imaging along with Atomic Force Microscopy (alpha300 A) for high-resolution nanoscale surface characterization and thus facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the samples.

With the alpha300 RA the two complementary imaging techniques are available in a single instrument without compromise and are controlled by one software suite for the highest ease-of-use and reliability. Switching between the imaging techniques requires just a turn of the objective turret, with all imaging parameters automatically adjusted and the same sample area easily imaged with both techniques. The software also allows the effortless correlation of the Raman and AFM results and the image overlay.

The alpha300 RA is furthermore ideally suited for combined imaging techniques such as TERS for high-resolution Raman imaging or simultaneous Raman-AFM measurements.

Key Features

  • All features of the alpha300 R (Raman) and the alpha300 A (AFM) microscope provided in one instrument
  • Excellent combination of comprehensive surface characterization on the nanometer scale (AFM) with chemical imaging (Raman)
  • Ideally suited for combined techniques such as simultaneous Raman-AFM measurements
  • Convenient switching between the measurement techniques is realized by a rotation of the objective turret
  • No sample movement between the measurements

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