SRC has supplied scientific instruments to almost every university in Canada. Our materials characterization and analytical instrumentation have been installed in departments ranging from chemistry, physics and biology, to civil engineering, materials engineering, computer and electrical engineering, chemical engineering and food science.

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  • Gain entrance to the Raman world today – Stay flexible for emerging challenges tomorrow

    • High-quality, rock solid microscope base for highest stability and long-term drift elimination
    • Research-grade optical microscope body with LED Köhler white-light illumination and video camera sample view
    • Manual stage for highly accurate single-point spectrum acquisitions
    • Motorized microscopy stage (optional) to allow for high-resolution confocal Raman mapping and large area investigations
    • Multiple laser excitation sources adaptable (single or multi-laser coupling units) for a maximum of experimental flexibility
    • Compatibility with the WITec software for measurement settings and data evaluation
    • Spectroscopy system UHTS 300 broadband for VIS to NIR (laser configurations between 532 nm and 830 nm), other spectrometers optional
    • Fluorescence microscopy and polarization dependent measurements easily accessible

  • Apyron sets the benchmark for automated Raman Imaging systems with excellent imaging qualities:

    • Outstanding spectral and spatial resolution
    • Ultra-fast acquisition times
    • Exceptional signal sensitivity in combination with automated system configurations
    • Intuitive measurement procedures
  • Features & Benefits

    • Compact and robust design with high quality imaging. It is a convenient entry-level instrument for routine measurements, educational use and quality control.
    • Theta Lite comes with OneAttension Software. The modern and user-friendly software reflects over 20 years of experience and close co-operation with our customers.  Its flexibility enables easy implementation of customized features and functionalities for special demands.
    • Attension’s extensive service and application support team helps you get the best from your instrument. Pre-studies can be conducted in an AttensionLab to assess the feasibility of your research, test samples for verification, and to demonstrate the suitability of our tensiometers for your research.


    Technical Specifications

  • BIO X is the new go-to 3d bioprinter for life science companies, researchers and innovators who work with bioprinting. Built to meet the needs of today’s bio-scientists, BIO X’s responsive Neocortex M1 internal computer coupled with HeartOS, the most powerful bioprinting operating system out there, allows the user to orchestrate the intricate process of building human tissues. BIO X is the most user friendly bioprinter on the market and a complete standalone product.

    • Heated print heads
    • Cooled print heads
    • Heated print bed
    • Cooled print bed
    • Clean Chamber Technology
    • Piston driven syringe head
    • Pneumatic print heads
    • Multi well plate printing
    • Touch screen control


  • The INKREDIBLE Bioprinter has been optimized to print Skin and Cartilage tissue, however, the sky is the limit on what tissues you can print. The world is waiting to see what you will print next.

    • Dual Printheads
    • Clean Chamber Technology
    • UV-crosslinking system


    • New electrically conductive bioink
    • Great printability
    • Cell viability
    • Provides a milieu for mammalian cells that resembles their native environment
    • Presents new opportunities for organ model development including muscular contraction models and nerve repair studies.


    • Compact and robust atomic force microscope for stand alone and large stage operation
    • Easy and quick cantilever exchange and alignment reduces downtime
    • Automated batch measurements and scripting interface for system integration


    • Cypher VRS sets a new speed benchmark with superb imaging resolution
    • Cypher VRS lets you concentrate on your research instead of your AFM
    • Unprecedented speed, resolution, versatility, and ease of use
    • The First and Only Full-Featured Video-Rate AFM
    • Cypher VRS is not a “one-trick pony,” it’s a workhorse for the whole lab


    • Mounts on virtually every upright optical microscope or 3D optical profilometer
    • Integrated motor for automated cantilever approach and engage
    • Standard and extended AFM modes available through a modular controller


  • The MLA150 has been specifically designed for easy operation and includes all our know-how on developing maskless lithography systems that we have gathered in the past 30 years. It offers all the capabilities that are required for single layer and multi-layer applications and because the MLA150 exposures are always non-contact it will even overcome some of the limitations of photomask based exposure technologies.


    • Uncompromised AFM performance integrated with optical microscopy
    • Simple, high-resolution imaging in liquid on soft biological samples
    • Performance leadership in force spectroscopy and force mechanics
    • Unmatched versatility to satisfy the diverse needs of multiple users
    • Unrivaled support from bio-AFM experts to get the results you need



    • Atomic resolution in minutes
    • Extremely simple handling and reliable operation
    • Controller and scan head integrated into a single device: just connect USB and power
    • Starting at less than $10,000 USD


    • Compact and robust atomic force microscope for stand alone and large stage operation
    • Easy and quick cantilever exchange and alignment reduces downtime
    • Automated batch measurements and scripting interface for system integration


    • Cylindrical mirror analyzer (CMA)
    • Coaxial 25 kV field emission electron gun
    • Scintillation secondary electron detector
    • High energy resolution module
    • 5 axis automated sample stage
    • 5 kV floating column Ar+ ion gun
    • SmartSoft-Auger instrument control software
    • MultiPak data reduction software
    • Acoustic Enclosure
    • Ion pumped main chamber


    • TRIFT mass analyzer
    • 30 kV LMIG with Bi, Au, or Ga emitter
    • Dual beam charge neutralization
    • 5 axis sample stage
    • In-situ optical viewing
    • Secondary electron detector
    • WinCadence instrument control and data reduction software package
    • Analysis chamber with four primary ion gun ports
    • 350 l/s turbo molecular pump
    • Integrated bakeout facilities
    • MS/MS ready spectromoter


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