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Rheolaser™ is dedicated to formulators interested in the end-use properties of their products.

The Rheolaser™ MASTER is also specifically designed to determine very accurately gel points, thanks to the Time Cure Superposition (TCS) methodGEL POINT ANALYSER

Gels have become omnipresent during the last decades due to their unique viscoelastic properties, which can be used to stabilize and texturize in all kind of applications (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints, etc.).

A gel is usually defined as a dispersion of one phase (water, oil, air) in a 3-dimensional solid continuous phase of fibers or particles bound physically or chemically (Ferry et al., 1980, Wiley).

The gel formation is influenced by a whole range of parameters, including type and quantity of the solvent, of the network-forming component or of the gelling agent, as well as temperature, pH, etc.

An important parameter of gel analysis is the gel point, i.e. the transition point between the liquid phase and the solid-like jelly-phase.


Sol Gel transition GEL POINT ANALYSER

The determination of the gel point via mechanical rheology is very time-consuming (sample loading/reloading/cleaning/calibration), and requires considerable amounts of sample.

Rheolaser MASTERis designed to determine Gel point very accurately, with only one experiment, and therefore a small quantity of sample. It also enables the gel point determination without any stress applied to the sample (non-intrusive measurement, performed at rest).



(gel-point determination)

Shape stability

Stress recovery

Long-term stability

& many others…

Rheolaser is designed to answer to the following questions:

– What is the gel point of my systems, in function of time, temperature, concentration, pH, etc… ?
– What is the effect on the product properties if I change the polymer nature / concentration / molecular weight ?

– Will it stick (to the hand, to another product, …) ?

– Will it spread easily ?

– Will it keep its shape ?

– Will it be stable ?

– Will it flow ?

– And many more…

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