B&W Tek TacticID® GP All-Inclusive Handheld Analyzer

for Identification of Explosives, Hazmat, Narcotics and More

  • Customized Libraries
  • Advanced Mixture Analysis
  • Non-Destructive Analysis
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Touch Screen Quick Notes
  • Remote Tablet Operations
  • Color-Coded Result Screens


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BW Tek TacticID GP Handheld Analyzer
The TacticID®–GP is a field-ready handheld spectral analysis instrument designed for non-contact forensic analysis by safety personnel and first responders, including law enforcement personnel, customs and border patrol, hazmat technicians, bomb squads, and more. The TacticID-GP allows users to get real-time actionable identification and analysis of unknown chemicals, narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs and other substances while reducing operational uncertainty and response time.The TacticID from B&W Tek is a field-ready handheld spectral analysis instrument designed for the use by a variety of safety personnel for indirect contact forensic analysis of hazardous and common chemicals, narcotics, precursors, cutting agents, and much more. BW Tek TacticID GP Handheld Analyzer


Excitation Wavelength 785nm
Laser Output Power Up to 300mW, software adjustable
Spectral Range 176cm-1 to 2900cm-1
Spectral Resolution ~ 9cm-1 @ 912nm
Detector Type Linear CCD Array
Display High Brightness & High Resolution Touch Screen
Software TacticID OS (Embedded), & TacticID Software (PC)
Data Formats .txt, .csv, .spc
Libraries Narcotics, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Cutting Agents, Precursors, Hazardous Chemicals, More
Connectivity Ethernet, WiFi
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion, >5 hrs Continuous Operation
AC Adapter Output: 15 – 19V DC @ 1.5 A
Weight < 2 lbs (~0.9 kg)
Size 7.5in x 3.9in x 2.0in (19cm x 10cm x 5cm)
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +40 °C
Storage Temperature -30 °C to +60 °C
Protection IP65
Languages English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean,

BW Tek Raman Plus Fiber Optic Raman System

  • Non-Destructive Narcotic Drug and Controlled Substance Identification
  • Verification and Identification of Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Analysis of Unknown Powders, Liquids, and Gels
  • Identification of Common and Hazardous Chemicals
  • Identification of Cuttings Agents, Precursors and Binding Agents

TacPac™ Adaptor

The optional TacPac adaptor allows for simple and accurate identification of heroin, fentanyl, synthetics and other traditionally difficult Raman samples using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS).


BW Tek TacticID GP Handheld Analyzer

BW Tek TacticID GP Handheld Analyzer

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