Surface Science

Surface science is the study of physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the interface of two phases, including solid–liquid interfaces, solid–gas interfaces, solid–vacuum interfaces, and liquid–gas interfaces. It includes the fields of surface chemistry and surface physics.

Below is a list of partners we work with in this field:


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    • Reproducibility in measurement conditions
    • Optimal laser power determination for preservation of delicate samples
    • Power series measurements enabled; laser power-induced spectral changes made quantifiable
    • Automated documentation of laser settings
    • Feedback-controlled adjustment
  • Large Area Profilometry for Topographic Raman Imaging

    • Allows confocal Raman imaging guided by surface topography
    • Enables the precise tracing of the surface while acquiring Raman imaging data, resulting in a true surface Raman image
    • Evolutionary imaging mode is an integrated sensor for optical profilometry.
    • It is directly installed at the microscope turret.
    • It is user-friendly and convenient while operating.


    • Scanned, micro-focused, monochromatic x-ray beam
    • X-ray beam induced secondary electron imaging
    • Dual beam charge neutralization
    • Large area XPS
    • Micro-area XPS
    • Chemical state imaging with 128 data channels
    • Sputter depth profiling
    • Floating column argon ion gun
    • Compucentric Zalar rotation
    • Angle dependent XPS
    • Five axis automated sample manipulator
    • 25 mm and 60 mm diameter sample holders


  • EM acoustic enclosure can be customized to the electron microscope’s specific requirements and research needs, ensuring the researcher receives optimal results from their microscope.

  • 100% Unique Enclosures

    • Custom Sizes and Form Factors for Acoustic Enclosures
    • Custom Colors and Silk Screen Logo Application
    • Variable Mounting and Shelving
    • Feedthroughs and Interlocks
    • Handles and Hardware Selection
    • Safety and Ergonomic Modifications
    • Environmental Solutions


  • Features & Benefits

    • Integrated method enabling to define contact angle and surface roughness accurately from the same location and to combine both surface chemical and topographical data with automated software calculations.
    • Offers fast surface characterization method, which does not demand specialist to run the samples.
    • Versatile roughness measurement: both 2D and 3D characterization..


    Theta Topography Module

    Theta Range Brochure


  • Features & Benefits

    • Interfacial tension and contact angle measurements in high pressures and temperatures. Automatic analysis by OneAttension software will provide the results easily and quickly.
    • Optimal for mimicking oil reservoir conditions. Interfacial tension and contact angle give an accurate and quantitative measure of the wettability in reservoirs.
    • Unique piston design enables to use surfactants also in high pressures with constant concentrations.

    Product Overview

    Theta Range Brochur


  • Elegant Combination of Low-profile and High Performance. Onyx vibration isolation table is designed to isolate sensitive equipment from vibrations caused by foot traffic, HVAC systems, nearby operating machinery, etc. It consists of a steel tabletop supported by pneumatic isolators, which are easily inflated using an air-pump or other automatic air source. The Onyx Series integrates effortlessly with The Silencer acoustic enclosure to provide a complete environmental solution.


  • Efficient Acoustic Isolation that Rests on Any Desktop! The Silencer acoustic enclosure is Herzan’s solution for AFM/SPM setups that require versatility and ease of use. Herzan began working with makers and users of SPMs to develop a solution that is ideally suited to the needs of a modern research lab. The Silencer combines the high quality features that have become standard to all Herzan enclosures, with an amazing cost-effective value for acoustic isolation.


  • The TS Series is the industry leader in vibration isolation performance and usability, delivering sub-hertz isolation (all 6 DOF) in a plug-and-play form factor. The isolation technology within the TS Series consists of piezoelectric vibration sensors, control electronics, and actuators, which dynamically respond to vibrations within the environment and provide an attenuated signal to the top plate of the isolators.

    With several unique features setting itself a part from competing solutions (e.g. automatic leveling, LCD Display, External vibration monitoring), the TS Series becomes the perfect solution for users wanting to achieve the best vibration isolation performance available, while not sacrificing on design or functionality.

  • Asylum offers two series of vibration isolation tables, the Herzan AVI Series and the Table Stable Series. Either will fit nicely in the matching acoustic enclosures. We recommend the AVI-SA for the MFP-3D Stand Alone and the AVI-BIO for the MFP-3D-BIO.

  • The Attension range of contact angle meters and precision tensiometers provide outstanding ease of use for liquid and solid surface characterization in research and industrial processes.

  • This resolution is 100x better than previously reported and is made possible by our thermal probe technology which enables you to:
    • Image the sample of interest with sub-30nm spatial resolution (in contact or intermittent contact modes) and identify the regions whose thermal properties that you’d like to study.
    • Heat a local area of less than 100nm diameter with the probe to temperatures of over 400˚C to study thermal properties such as glass transition or melting point.
    • Local heating allows very fast heating rates up to 600,000˚ C/min and eliminates thermal drift issues that plague bulk sample heating approaches.
    • Image with a heated tip to induce local thermal events over specific regions of a surface.
    • Map the temperatures across the sample with a resolution of <0.1 ºC



  • nanoIR2TM with top side illumination | AFM+ IR Spectroscopy | AFM+ Thermal Analysis

    • Expands nanoscale IR to a broad range of real world samples
    • New resonance enhanced mode enables nanoscale IR on <20nm films
    • Rich, interpretable IR spectra
    • Powerful, full featured AFM
    • Multifunctional measurements including integrated thermal and mechanical property mapping
    • Designed and built for productivity and rapid time-to-results




Showing 1–16 of 18 results