SwissLitho AG

SwissLitho is a young high-tech company with the vision to change the way nanostructures are commonly made. Our unique nanolithography tools, called NanoFrazor, trace their origins to IBM Research Zurich. The NanoFrazor is based on Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography and is the first alternative to conventional mask-less lithography technologies. The unique features of the NanoFrazor are:
 High resolution direct write nanolithography
 3D nanolithography at 10 nm lateral & 1nm vertical resolution
 In-situ topography imaging
 Closed-loop lithography

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    • Thermal Scanning Probe cantilevers with ultra-sharp tips
    • 3D nanolithography
    • In-situ metrology with sub-nm resolution for overlay, stitching & closed-loop lithography
    • Real-time, automatic tuning of patterning parameters
    • Short overall fabrication time, no resist development needed
    • Stand-alone unit with low requirements on infrastructure (no vacuum or high voltages required)
    • High degree of customization and automatization
    • Ideal for small workpieces up to a size of 4-inch
    • Compatibility with various transfer processes and materials
    • Exchange and calibration of cantilevers within one minute


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