NanoMechanical Testing

Nanoscale mechanical properties are a key consideration in many surface science applications from cells to ceramics. Nanomechanical instrumentation can accurately evaluate a wide range of nanomechanical behaviour including viscoelastic properties, adhesive forces and hardness. Multiple techniques offer greater flexibility for different applications and allow deeper insight through comparison of results.

Below is a list of partners we work with in this field:


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    • Ultra-high speed quantitative mechanical property measurements (6 per second)
    • Rapid, high-resolution mapping of hardness and modulus with distribution statistics
    • Acquire large quantities of statistically significant data in a short period of time
    • 500x faster than traditional nanoindentation testing
    • Obtain a robust tip area function calibration within a minute
    • Compatible with Hysitron’s xSol® environmental control stage for rapid testing throughput under extreme environmental conditions


  • The World’s Most Comprehensive and Quantitative Nanomechanical Test Instrument

    The Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter® is the next-generation nanomechanical test instrument providing industry-leading sensitivity and unprecedented performance. The TI 950 nanoindenter has been developed as an automated, high throughput instrument to support the numerous nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization techniques developed by Hysitron. The TI 950 nanoindenter system incorporates the powerful performech® Advanced Control Module, which greatly improves the precision of feedback-controlled nanomechanical testing, provides dual head testing capability for nano/micro scale connectivity, and offers unprecedented noise floor performance. The numerous nanomechanical testing techniques offered by Hysitron, as well as new testing methods currently being developed, make the TI 950 TriboIndenter an extremely versatile and effective nanomechanical characterization tool for the broadest range of applications.

Showing all 3 results